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Working Papers

S.No. Faculty      Paper Code Title
1 Aditi Vidyarthi Satya Bhushan Dash Tiziano Vescovi W12-13/01 Factors Affecting Purchase of Necessity Brands: An Exploratory Stdy in the Indian Context
2 Sonia Jindal Vipul   W12-13/02 Does call-auction reduce opening volatility? - Evidence from India
3 Amit Shukla Himanshu Rai   W12-13/03 Linking Perceived Organizational Support to Ventical ... Role of Psychological Capital
4 Himanshu Rai     W12-13/04 An Exploratory Study on the Morphology and Measurement of Spirituality:  Development of a Scale
5 Sonia Jindal Vipul   W12-13/05 Volatility Forecasting Performance of Two-Scaled Realized Volatility
6 Saurabh Chandra R.K. Srivastava Samir K Srivastava W12-13/06 Outbound Logistics Management Practices in the Indian Automotive Industry
7 Sonia Jindal Vipul   W12-13/07 Volatility forecasting and option pricing with model-free implied and realised volatility measures
8 Vishal Gupta Shailendra Singh   W12-13/08 Organizational Performance:  Issues and Challenges
9 Subrata K Mitra Kaushik Bhattacharya   W12-13/09 More can be Less:  Large Number of Candidates and Electoral Reforms in India
10 Amit Shukla Shailendra Singh   W12-13/12 Employee's Perceived Support as an Antecedent to Psychological Owneship:  An Empirical Investigation
11 Hemang Jauhari Shailendra Singh   W12-13/13 Perceived Diversity Climate and Employees' Organizational Loyalty
12 Hemang Jauhari Shailendra Singh   W12-13/14 Identifying the Employer Brand Attributes Contributing to Employer Attractiveness:  Scale Development
13 Hemang Jauhari Shailendra Singh   W12-13/15 An Investigation of the Influence of Transformational .... Service Behaviors
14 Gaurav Garg     W12-13/17 A New Coefficient of Determination for Multiple Linear Progression .... Errors
15 Pushpendra Priyadarshi Reeta Raina   W12-13/18 The mediating effects of work engagement:  causal relationship between personal resource, job resource and work related outcomes
16 Subrata K Mitra Kaushik Bhattacharya   W12-13/19 Hyper-Plurality of Candidates, Effectiveness of Democratic .... Entry in India
17       W12-13/20 Determinants of Bank Profitability inIndia
18       W12-13/21 The Impact of Past Financial Performance on the .... in India
19 Parvathi Ganesh Prakash Singh   W12-13/22 Social Performance of Microfinance Institutions in India:  Developing a Social Impact Index
20 Anirban Chakraborty     W12-13/23 Moderating Role of Duration of Stay on...Behavior
21 Devashish Das Gupta     W12-13/24 Impact of Moderate Incongruency Between The Product ... on the Customer
22 Devashish Das Gupta     W12-13/25 Antecedents of Retail Shopping Behaviour of Senior Citizens - ..... Further Research
23 Vinodh Madhavan     W12-13/26 Modeling the Long-Term and Short-Run Relationship between ... Indices
24 Vinodh Madhavan     W12-13/27 Bivariate Cointegration and Time Varying Co-Movements of ... the World 
25 D.Tripati Rao     W12-13/28 Economic Reforms and Industrial Performance:  Has There Been a Structural .. Industry?
26 D.Tripati Rao     W12-13/29 A Post-Keynesian-Structuralist Macroeconomic Policy Redressal for Financial Stability
27 Sangeeta D.Misra     W12-13/31 Determinants of Deviden Policy: A Study of the Indian Banking Sector
28 Rajesh Aithal Harshit Maurya   W12-13/32 Exploratory Study on Understanding Sales Force Automation in Indian FMCG companies
29 Shailendra Singh     W12-13/33 Relationship of Emotional Intelligence, Leader Behaviour, .... Performance
30 Madhumita Chakraborty     W12-13/34 Value Relevance of Accounting information in the Indian Stock Market over the last two decades
31 Y.K.Agarwal     W12-13/36 Single Facility Network Design with 5-Partition Facets and Capacity Formulation
32 Sanjeev Kapoor     W12-13/37 Relative Risk to the Savings of Poor People
33 Sanjeev Kapoor     W12-13/38 Delivering Sustainable Agricultural Finance using Agri-Value Chains
34 Ritu Yadav Ashwani Kumar   W12-13/39 GA-Based Game Theoretic Analysis of Continuous Double Auction Markets
35 Ritu Yadav Ashwani Kumar A. Vinay Kumar W12-13/40 Stock Market Sentiment Analysis:  A Review of Dictionary Based Unsupervised Methods
36 Ritu Yadav A.Vinay Kumar Ashwani Kumar W12-13/41 Sentiment Analysis of Stock Markets Using Machine Learning ... A Review
37 Arun Kumar Tripathy     W12-13/42 Choice of Governance mode:  Impact of Country, Industry and Firm context
38 Arun Kumar Tripathy     W12-13/43 Impact of Tax Havens on Global Governance:  Case of Flag of Convenience
39 Yamini Prakash Sahay     W12-13/44 Effect of Occupational Stress on Creativity of personnel of the Indian Media
40 Yamini Prakash Sahay     W12-13/45 Impact of Organization Culture on Workplace Innovativeness
41 Yamini Prakash Sahay     W12-13/46 Relationship between Organization Design and Innovation in small scale food service inudstry of Uttar Pradesh
42 N.R.Bhanumurthy Chandan Sharma     Does weak rupee matter for India's manufacturing exports
43 Sabyasachi Sinha     W13-14 Maximizing Channel Profits in a Manufacturer Distributor Relationship
44 Sabyasachi Sinha     W13-14 The Phenomenon of International New Ventures:  A Review
45 Rajeev Kumra     W13-14/03 Impact of Religious Iconography on Advertisement .... Faith in India
46 Faisal M Ahsan Ashutosh Kumar Sinha   W13-14/04 Changing trends fo strategic management research in India ... research
47 Vivek Rajvanshi     W13-14/06 Intraday trading activity and volatility:  Evidence from energy and metal futures
48 Sabyasachi Sinha     W13-14/09 The Exploration-Exploitation Dilemma:  A Review in the Context of Managing Growth of New Ventures
49 Joshin John R.K. Srivastava   W13-14/12 Environmentally conscious operations management in indian fertilizer industry
50 Shivam Singh Vipul   W13-14/13 Pricing Performance of Black-Scholes Model with TSRV Based Volatility.... Evidence
51 Prateek Sharma Vipul   W13-14/14 Comparing Risk-based Portfolios:  An Empirical Investigation
52 Carol Chiramel Pushpendra Priyadarshi   W13-14/15 In Search of a Job:  Exploring the Dynamics of Internship Experiences of ... Graduates
53 Prateek Sharma Vipul   W14-15/01 Economic benefit of realized covariance for risk-based portfolios
54 Hemang Jauhari Mohd. Haris Minai Shailendra Singh W14-15/02 The role of Transformational Leadership in Psychologically ... Employees
55 Prateek Sharma Vipul   W14-15/03 Forecasting stock index volatility with advanced GARCH models:.... evidence
56 Vivek Rajvanshi     W14-15/04 Intraday Periodicity and Volatility Forecasting:  Evidence from Indian .... Market
57 Vivek Rajvanshi     W14-15/05 Comparative study of range based volatility estimators:      Futures Market
58 Prateek Sharma Vipul   W14-15/06 Measuring diversification gains in international multi-asset portfolios
59 Prateek Sharma Vipul   W14-15/07 Forecasting stock market volatility using Realized GARCH model:  International Evidence
60 Hemang Jauhari Shailendra Singh   W14-15/08 Employee Brand Building Behavior: An Investigation of its Outcomes for the Employer
61 Hemang jauhari Shailendra Singh   W14-15/09 How does Transformational Leadership influence Proactive Customer...Commitment
62 Sunny Kumar Singh D.Tripati Rao   W14-15/10 Sectoral Effects of Monetary Policy Shock:  Eviodence from India
63 Mohd. Haris Minai Hemang Jauhari Shailendra Singh W14-15/11 Exploring the Boundary Conditions of The Relationship .... Engagement
64 Sunny Kumar Singh Kaushik Bhattacharya   W14-15/12 Does easy availability of cash affect corruption?  Evidence from a panel of countries
65 Sameer Mathur Prem Prakash Dewani   W14-15/13 Market Entry, Product Quality and Price Competition
66 Sameer Mathur Prem Prakash Dewani   W14-15/14 The price of Heritage:  An Investigation of Hotel Prices
67 Sameer Mathur Prem Prakash Dewani   W14-15/15 Influence of Cultural Heritage on Hotel Prices, Occupancy and Profit:  Theory and Evidence
68 Vivek Rajvanshi     W14-15/16 Impact of Crude oil Price on Firm Returns
69 Vivek Rajvanshi     W14-15/17 Does Commodity Predict Spot Price? Evidence from Indian Commodity Market
70 M.Karmakar     W15-16/01 An Extreme Value Approachto Estimate Value at Risk: A Study...Stock Markets
71 Payal Mehra     W15-16/02 Word of Mouh Recommendation and Patient Satisfaction .... Consultation Length
72 D.S.Sengar     W15-16/03 Education and Awareness on Global Climate Change
73 Dhirendra Mani Shukla Ashutosh Kumar Sinha   W15-16/06 Influence of experiential and interorganizational learning on entry mode choices:  A study of Indian firms
74 Satyam Rajesh Aithal   W15-16/07 An exploratory study of channel conflict:  the small retaiers' perspective
75 Abhijit Bhattacharya,  Shailendra Singh, Mohd. Haris Minai, Arup Varma     W16-17/01 The Use of Effective Displays by Transformational Leaders...Convergent Thinking
76 Shailehdra Singh,  Mohd. Haris Minai, Arup Varma     W16-17/02 An Integrative Model of Individual Innovation...Dynamism
77 Shailendra Singh, Mohd. Haris Minai, Yamini Prakash Sahay     W16-17/03 Too Fit to Innovate: When Flexibilioty does not lead to Innovative Work Behaviors
78 Moutusi Maity     W16-17/04 A Meta-Analysis on the Impact of Family Communication Patterns on Consumer Information Search
79 Rajesh Aithal, Satyam     W16-17/05 Consumer adoption of mobile services at the base of the pyramid- An exploratory study
80 Rajesh Aithal, Satyam     W16-17/06 Understanding wholesalers responses to the changing retail environment- Study in an emerging economy
81 Prof. Payal Mehra     W17-18/01 “Effects of organizational communication climate, media satisfaction, and interpersonal communication, on job satisfaction and organizational commitment: Moderating role of generational category”
82 Dr. Prem Prakash Dewani, Mr. Achint Nigam     W17-18/03 “Effect of Threshold Free Shipping as a Conditional Promotion on Choice of Add-On Products in Online Retail Environment: A Qualitative Research Inquiry”
83 Dr. Prem Prakash Dewani, Mr. Achint Nigam     W17-18/04 “Consumers’ response to conditional promotions in retail stores”
84 Dr. Prem Prakash Dewani, Mr. Achint Nigam     W17-18/05 “Effect of product category, festival and country’s economy on consumer’s savings at deal of the day”
85 Dr. Prem Prakash Dewani, Mr. Harikrishnan P.K.     W17-18/06 “Scarcity Promotions: Customers’ Negative Experiential Journey”
86 Prof. Alok Dixit     W17-18/07 “Liquidity and pricing efficiency in the two regimes: evidence from the Indian equity derivatives market”
87 Prof. Himanshu Rai, Mr. Mai Chi Vu, Mr. Mit Vachhrajani     W17-18/08 “The role of Religion & Spirituality in shaping Leadership Values in India & Vietnam: A Comparative”
88 Prof. Himanshu Rai, Mr. Mai Chi Vu, Mr. Mit Vachhrajani     W17-18/09 “Leadership Principles: Insights from Hinduism & Buddhism”