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Rekhi Centre of Excellence Science of Happiness

Rekhi Centre of Excellence for the Science of Happiness at Indian Institute of Management Lucknow was established as a result of an MOU made and executed on 09th December 2022 between Rekhi Foundation and Indian Institute of Management Lucknow

Happiness is something that we all seek in our life, yet what happiness is for each one of us, can be different in several ways. It can be said that happiness is a state of exuberance, characterized by feelings of joy and fulfilment as a result of love, care affection, security, purpose and meaning in life etc. While happiness can be described in various ways; because of its subjective nature; it is often described as mix of positivity, wellbeing, and satisfaction in life. When most of us talk about the true meaning of happiness, we might be talking about how we feel in the present moment or referring to a more general sense of how we feel about life overall. But isn’t Happiness the one thing which makes life worth living? We are sure we all will say a big YES to this!

Thus, in order to facilitate the feeling of positivity and wellbeing which can be seen as the pre-requisite for experiencing happiness, It is undeniable that Happiness is fundamental to human experience. People can be happy by experiencing pleasant and favourable incidences. Engagement in activities that are virtuous, meaningful and have potential facilitate growth in the lives of different stakeholders also become source of happiness to many.

Happiness is an affective, cognitive, and psychological state of well-being. It is about finding meaning and purpose in life. It is the joy experienced in sharing rather than receiving. In the workplace, this happiness is reflected in the employees work output by being more productive, creative, enjoying one’s work, and being there for others. We have often pursued the art of happiness in our understanding and practice of staying happy. Developing a scientific understanding of happiness will help individuals be more optimistic and appreciative about themselves and others.

The Centre aims to promote research, training and education and the practice of well-being for student and other stakeholders through the application of happiness and well-being. The activities organized by the centre focuses on expansion of practice and knowledge of happiness science and positive psychology.

  • Workshops and courses on Happiness,
  • Courses on Happiness
  • Round table conferences,
  • Fundamental and applied research,
  • Training and outreach activities
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    Prof Payal Mehra

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