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Facilities Introduction

“Without tools, learning is incomplete.” While any institute can claim excellence, only IIM Lucknow can stand by its claim of being one of the premier institutes of management studies in the region. This institute provides its students and faculty all the requisite facilities to help in their quest for knowledge.

Set amidst a sprawling area of 200 acres, IIM Lucknow is a fully residential institute, offering housing capabilities for 500 students and 75 faculty. With a shopping complex and all other facilities, this institute is a town within itself – a town in which all the residents have a common aim – to enjoy the learning process.

IIM Lucknow is geared towards helping its members learn more thoroughly, understand more deeply and implement more comprehensively. It’s state of the art IT facilities are perhaps the best in the country. Open 24 hrs a day, the computer center helps students in gathering relevant information from global resources and prepares them with a framework on which to build their knowledge.

The sprawling campus of the Institute is of about 200 acres of land. The well manicured green lawns, flower beds and rows of trees inspire the body,mind and soul. Strategically located murals and carefully christened buildings like Chintan (the Faculty Block), Bodhgriha (the PGP Block), Manthan (the MDP Block), Gyanodaya (Library: The Rich Learning Resource Centre), Computer Centre (with state of the art computing facilities), and Samadhan (the Administrative Block) motivate the thought process for concentrating on specific areas of activities as well as integrate the overall process of knowledge generation, application and dissemination.

“Gyanodaya”- the home of learning. The library of IIM Lucknow characterizes what the institute stands for – accessibility, vision and excellence. This spacious 30,000 square foot two storied library, is a repository of knowledge both historical and current. Students can use this 24 hr facility to cement the knowledge they have gained by gaining an insight of its implementation.

Well stocked mini Departmental Stores run by the Kendriya Bhandar, round the clock STD/PCO Communication Centre, Post Office, Bank, Cafeteria, Tea/Coffee Vending Machines, Health Centre and Kendriya Vidyalaya facilitates the campus residents in their day to day needs. Uniquely designed medi-care facilities, perhaps the only of its kind in the country, provides a flexible structure of medi-care support through in-house Medical Officers, dispensary with a network of associated Hospitals and giving option to the employees for reimbursement of Mediclaim insurance to take care of the hospitalization and other related expenses.

Although at a distance of about 8 km on the outskirts of the city, the campus dwellers feel no distance from the civic amenities through need based plying of regular transport services from campus to city and important schools.

A host of sporting facilities are also at the disposal of the students – after all much is to be learnt from that arena. With a choice of a comprehensive range of individual and team sports, a student of IIM Lucknow is a balanced individual, who understands the benefits of leisure as well as he does the rewards of work-well done.