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First two years

The first two years of the FPM journey allows close interaction with the PGP students and FPM students of varied areas. The coursework period allows the students to gain insights about various dimensions of management studies as they work in close collaboration with students coming from differents walks of life. Whether it is participating in group projects or discussing academic papers, the first two years prove to be an enriching experience for the scholar. This intermixing of people and thoughts facilitates broadening of the vision and helps see the interconnectedness of the various disciplines. This opens the mind to multiple lenses for approaching the same problem.

The benefits of this interaction extend to co-curricular activities as well. Cultural and sports fests are a regular scene at IIML, the students get to be a part of these activities in various capacities. Whether it is inter-section wars, annual fest or inter-IIM sports meet, IIML gives various opportunities to its students to break the day to day monotony.

IIM Lucknow provides a platform for an overall development of the student and a cooperative environment for all round growth.