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Faculty List

Faculty List (Lucknow Campus)

Sr No. Name of the Faculty Member Designation Ext. No. E-mail
  Prof. Archana Shukla Director 6601 director@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Arvind Shroff Assistant Professor (Grade-II) 6663 arvind.shroff@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. A.K. Mishra Professor 6633 mishra@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Ajay Kumar Garg Professor 6609 ajaygarg@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Alok Dixit Associate Professor 6617 alokdixit@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Amit Agrahari Associate Professor 6631 amit@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Anirban Chakraborty Associate Professor 6608 anirban@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Anjali Bansal Assistant Professor (Grade-I) 6653 anjali.bansal@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Arunabha Mukhopadhyay Professor 6646 arunabha@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Ashish Pandey Associate Professor 6619 ashish.pandey@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Ashutosh K Sinha Professor 6618 ashutosh@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Ashutosh Jha Assistant Professor (Grade -I) 6691 ashutosh.jha@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Ashwani Kumar Professor 6660 ashwani@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Bhumika Assistant Professor (Grade-I) 6674 bhumika@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. D. Tripati Rao Professor 6622 tripati@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Deepak Prajapati Assistant Professor (Grade-II) 6670 deepak.prajapati@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Devashish Das Gupta Professor 6648 devashish@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Debdatta Pal Associate Professor 6650 debdatta@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Divya Choudhary Assistant Professor (Grade-I) 6980 divya.choudhary@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Dhirendra Mani Shukla Assistant Professor (Grade-I) 6651 dhirendra.mani.shukla@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Girish Balasubramanian Assistant Professor (Grade-I) 6006 girish.balasubramanian@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Himanshu Rai Professor (on Leave under Foreign Service terms with lien) 6656 himanshu@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Himanshu Rathore Assistant Professor (Grade-I) 6623 himanshu.rathore@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Himadri Shekhar Chakrabarty Assistant Professor 6371 himadri.chakrabarty@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Jalaj Pathak Assistant Professor (Grade-II) 6669 jalaj.pathak@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. K.G. Sahadevan Professor 6658 devan@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Krishna Chandra Balodi Professor 6611 krishna.balodi@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Krishnan Jeesha Assistant Professor (Grade-I) 6607 krishnan.jeesha@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Kartik Yadav Assistant Professor 6668 kartik.yadav@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Kriti Bardhan Gupta Associate Professor 6630 kriti@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Kshitij Awasthi Associate Professor 6664 kshitij.awasthi@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Kaustav Banerjee Assistant Professor 6620 kaustav@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Kushankur Dey Assistant Professor (Grade-I) 6989 kushankur.dey@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. M K Awasthi Professor 6612 awasthi@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Medha Bakhshi Assistant Professor (Grade-II) 6656 medha.bakhshi@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Madhumita Chakraborty Professor 6625 madhumita@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Madhusudan Karmakar Professor 6624 madhu@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Mrityunjay Kumar Tiwary Assistant Professor (Grade-I) 6615 mrityunjay@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Neeraj Dwivedi Professor 6661 neerajd@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Nishant Uppal Professor 6654 nishant.uppal@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Omkarprasad S Vaidya Professor 6639 osv@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Pankaj Kumar Professor 6638 pankaj@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Pavni Kaushiva Assistant Professor (Grade-I) 6986 pavni.kaushiva@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Payal Mehra Professor 6605 payal@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Pradeep Kumar Professor 6657 pradeepkumar@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Prem Prakash Dewani Professor 6606 premd@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Priyanka Sharma Assistant Professor (Grade-I) 6659 priyanka@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Pushpendra Priyadarshi Professor 6616 pushpendra@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Rajesh K Aithal Professor 6662 rajeshaithal@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Rakesh V Assistant Professor (Grade-I) 6627 rakesh.v@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Ranjan Kumar Assistant Professor 6687 ranjan.kumar@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Sabyasachi Sinha Associate Professor 6677 sabyasachi@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Shalabh Singh Assistant Professor (GRADE-I) 6628 shalabh.singh@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Samir K Srivastava Professor 6667 samir@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Sangeeta D Misra Professor 6652 sdmisra@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Sanjay Kumar Singh Professor 6637 sanjay@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Sanjeev Kapoor Professor 6621 sanjeev@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Sanjeet Singh Professor 6009 sanjeet@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Seshadev Sahoo Professor 6635 seshadev@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Shubhda Arora Associate Professor 6636 shubhda.arora@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Sonia Singh Professor 6629 sonia@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Sowmya. S Associate Professor 6647 sowmya@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Sushant Kumar Assistant Professor (Grade –I) 6679 sushant.k@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Sushil Kumar (BS) Professor 6632 sushil@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Sushil Kumar (OM) Professor 6634 sk@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Suresh Kumar Jakhar Associate Professor 6678 skj@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Tamalika Koley Assistant Professor Grade II 6623 tamalika.koley@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Utsav Pandey Assistant Professor Grade II 6985 utsav.pandey@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Vikas Srivastava Professor 6665 vikas.srivastava@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Vinit Singh Chauhan Visiting Associate Professor 6641 vinit.chauhan@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Vijay Pal Singh Associate Professor 6626 vpsingh@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Vishakha Chauhan Assistant Professor Grade II 6642 vishakha.chauhan@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Vivek Gupta Assistant Professor 6610 vivekg@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. V.S. Prakash Attili Associate Professor 6007 prakash.attili@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Yash Daultani Assistant Professor (Grade-I) 6614 yash.daultani@iiml.ac.in

Faculty List (Noida Campus)

Sr No. Name of the Faculty Member Designation Ext. No. E-mail
  Prof. Ajay Singh Professor 8429 asingh@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Amita Mital Professor 8519 amita@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Anita Goyal Professor 8412 anita.g@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Anadi Saran Pande Professor 8409 anadi@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Ashish Dubey Associate Professor 8484 ashishdubey@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Ashish Aggarwal Professor 8422 ashish.aggarwal@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Chandan Sharma Professor 8488 csharma@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Dipti Gupta Assistant Professor (Grade-I) 8411 dipti.gupta@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Gaurav Garg Associate Professor 8482 ggarg@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Garima Mittal Associate Professor 8414 garima@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Kaushik Bhattacharya Professor 8403 kbhattacharya@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Kaushik Ranjan Bandyopadhyay Associate Professor 8430 krban@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Moutusi Maity Professor (On Leave) 8494 mmaity@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Neerja Pande Professor 8490 neerja@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Prakash Singh Associate Professor 8578 p_singh@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Priyanshu Gupta Assistant Professor (Grade-I) 8494 priyanshu.gupta@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Priyatam Anurag Assistant Professor (Grade-I) 6644 anurag.priyatam@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Rajeev Kumra Professor (On Leave) 8495 rajeev.kumra@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. S. Venkataramanaiah Professor 8415 svenkat@iiml.ac.in
  Prof. Satya Bhusan Dash Professor 8486 satya@iiml.ac.in