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  • Samvaad 2019 : In conversation with Alumni

    "Samvaad 2019 In conversation with Alumni" event full of talks, panel discussions & interactive sessions with the top leaders of industries across multiple domains at IIM Lucknow Noida Campus.

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  • Fit India Campaign

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  • Call for papers for SMF Convention 2019

    This is a Call for Papers for the Annual Meeting of Strategic Management Forum to be held at Indian Institute of Management Lucknow between 27th and 29th December 2019. The overarching theme of the conference is, “New Age Ecosystems and Strategies thereof: Inviting New Directions to Strategic Management Research in India” (see details in the next section). We invite full papers (max 8000 words) and proposals (max 3000 words) for presentations in the conference theme track as well as regular tracks below : 1. Resources and Capabilities 2. Firm Performance 3. Corporate Strategy-Diversification, Merger and Acquisition, Joint Venture and Alliances 4. Family Business 5. Entrepreneurship 6. Corporate Governance 7. Corporate Social Responsibility 8. Bottom of Pyramid Strategy 9. Public Private Partnership 10. Teaching Cases

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  • Workshop on Capturing Consumer Insights in Digital Environment

    In the rapidly changing world of business, brought about by the fast pace of information and communication technology (ICT), it is imperative for marketers to obtain an enhanced understanding of the types of data that are available to analyse and draw insights from. To this end, today’s manager needs to be well-versed with emerging techniques of capturing and analyzing data obtained from the digital environment. The workshop is an attempt towards arming marketing managers with the necessary understanding and skills that will allow them to integrate the findings obtained from the digital environment into their existing strategic frameworks. Undoubtedly, such an effort is likely to complement existing methods of data analyses and contribute toward obtaining deeper consumer insights.

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  • 73rd Independence Day

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  • Workshops on Teaching/Practicing Marketing Research

    Marketing research is regarded as a foundation topic in marketing education and comprises one of the most important components of marketing practice. Many instructors, however, often consider Marketing Research, a challenging topic to teach, and a dry subject for students to learn. This workshop attempts to provide an innovative teaching methodology in a way that will engage students. An attractive curriculum comprised of exercises, case studies and group projects will be shared to address the challenge in teaching marketing research process. Participants will be exposed to contemporary fascinating facets of qualitative and quantitative marketing research tools and techniques commonly used in marketing and consumer behavior research for marketing decision. For Registration click

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  • 4th International Conference of Asian Libraries

    The overall purpose of conference is to sustain excellence by exploring new possibilities and implement changes to establish new role and responsibilities so as to tap into sprit of their user community for meeting their requirements effectively by the use of innovative technologies. The conference intends to engage the participants in a discussion of critical issues involving the increased use of innovative practice, offering value-added services and benchmark new practices through capacity building.

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